Ex-Maryland Senate Candidate Apologizes For Filing False Child Trafficking Report In Harford County


54-year-old Ryan Dark White. (Credit: Harford County Sheriff's Office)

HARFORD COUNTY - Ryan Dark White, a 54-year-old former Maryland Senate candidate, has apologized for making a false child sex trafficking accusation in Harford County last year.

White, who also operates under the name Jon McGreevey, used to work in an adult bookshop on Pulaski Highway in Edgewood. On April 9, 2022, while at his workplace, White claimed he had spotted a young girl with an older man near the store's ATM, raising suspicion of child sex trafficking, an issue he emphasized during his campaign.

However, last week, White acknowledged in a letter of apology that he had wrongfully shared pictures of the girl on social media, insinuating she was a trafficking victim.

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After reviewing CCTV footage from the store and conducting witness interviews, police decided to charge White with filing a false report.

He responded by defaming the sergeant who arrested him, posting pictures of the officer and his wife on social media, and urging his followers to harass them.

He also falsely claimed that the sergeant had ties with a notorious sex trafficker and lodged baseless internal affairs complaints.

On Thursday, the Harford County Sheriff's and State's Attorney's Office revealed a provisional plea agreement with White. Under the agreement, White's case will be put on the court's STET docket, which means the prosecution will not pursue the charges but will not drop them either, potentially sparing White from imprisonment.

Harford Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler has shared the following video message regarding the matter.

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