Maryland Woman Dies "Of Broken Heart Syndrome," Revived At Harford Memorial Hospital In Havre De Grace: Report


Credit: Google/ Google Maps

HAVRE DE GRACE - WBAL TV reports that a 36-year-old Maryland Woman died "of broken heart syndrome" but was saved by doctors at the University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital in Havre de Grace.

Danielle Collins, an avowed cat lover, was distraught after raising a littler of kittens before having to say goodbye.

"You definitely get really attached to them. It's hard when you have to give them up," she told WBAL.

Around the same time, she lost her father and was carjacked. These highly stressful experiences became too much to bear while she observed a cat having surgery.

During the surgery, something felt off to Collins. She told WBAL that she started to feel dizzy but was able to drive home to her husband.

She told her husband she was experiencing chest pain, and he drove her to the hospital.

When they arrived at the emergency room, a doctor informed her husband that Collins was having a heart attack.

Danielle Collins was without a heartbeat for over an hour as doctors frantically performed life-saving care.

"For 75 minutes, they shocked me 16 times, gave me 16 epi injections, pretty much everything in the crash cart, and they did finally get me back," she told WBAL.

According to doctors at the hospital, her condition was possibly caused by broken heart syndrome," weakening of the heart muscles triggered by intense emotional stress.

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