Cecil College President’s List for Fall 2022


NORTH EAST, Md. – Cecil College is proud to announce the names of students whose high academic performance has qualified them for recognition as members of the President’s List for the recently completed Fall 2022 semester.

The President’s List includes 288 students who achieved a grade-point average of 3.75 or higher out of a possible 4.00. To be eligible for these honors, full-time students must have successfully completed 12 or more semester hours. Part-time students are eligible after accumulating 15 credit hours or more with a semester GPA of 3.75 or higher for that semester. This award excludes any grade received for developmental coursework.

Cecil College is centrally located in Maryland’s most northeastern county with campuses in the towns of North East and Elkton. The College features a diverse student population, with an enrollment of approximately 2,200 credit students and 2,300 non-credit students. Cecil offers associate degrees, certificate programs, and non-credit classes.

Included on the list are the following students:

Name Hometown
Charles Price Abingdon, Md
Khara Truelove Abingdon, Md
Matthew Enlow Bel Air, Md
Maggie Kelley Bel Air, Md
Sheetal Singh Bel Air, Md
Elaine Staudt Bel Air, Md
Hope Hall Betterton, Md
Brandon Chance Cecilton, Md
Autumn Cromwell Cecilton, Md
Emily Baker Charlestown, Md
Julie Hook Chesapeake City, Md
Lindsay Peters Chesapeake City, Md
Kenneth Jones Chestertown, Md
Logan Pinder Chestertown, Md
Brayden Brown Colora, Md
Alyssa Byrne Colora, Md
Christian Dolan Colora, Md
Christopher Fultz Colora, Md
Kaylan McCann Colora, Md
John Orem Colora, Md
Joseph Schaeffer Colora, Md
Charles Teague Colora, Md
Alexis Tunnell Colora, Md
Madeline Clark Conowingo, Md
Emily Custer Conowingo, Md
Meghan Gilpin Conowingo, Md
Walter Hipkins Conowingo, Md
Jakob Johnson Conowingo, Md
Alyssa Peterson Conowingo, Md
Amanda Pugh Conowingo, Md
Benjamin Strickler Darlington, Md
Amber Bell Earleville, Md
Jacob Brown Earleville, Md
Savanna Harvey Earleville, Md
Stephanie Kilpatrick Earleville, Md
Skylar Klingler Earleville, Md
Logan Mitchell Earleville, Md
Madison Moore Earleville, Md
Rebecca Scarborough Earleville, Md
Danielle Hensley Elk Mills, Md
Muhammad Abbasi Elkton, Md
Nilda Acosta Elkton, Md
Daemiah Allen Elkton, Md
Steven Altvater Elkton, Md
Casey Andrews Elkton, Md
Asher Archer-Depace Elkton, Md
Benjamin Barrett Elkton, Md
Angelina Battaglia Elkton, Md
Chloe Bayliff Elkton, Md
Gail Beck Elkton, Md
Selma Bekka Elkton, Md
Dorothy Berry Elkton, Md
Renee Berry Elkton, Md
Annaliese Bilsak Elkton, Md
Cory Braddy Elkton, Md
Janna Brickner Elkton, Md
Sean Browne Elkton, Md
Kimberly Buchanan Elkton, Md
Benjamin Carhart Elkton, Md
Tiffanie Carter Elkton, Md
Jaycie Coates Elkton, Md
Daniel Combs Elkton, Md
Aaron Comiso Elkton, Md
Kelly Crouch Elkton, Md
Madi Davitt Elkton, Md
Jefphon Dean Elkton, Md
Alexis Detamore Elkton, Md
Natalie Diamond Elkton, Md
Riley Duhamell Elkton, Md
Tarren Dumolo Elkton, Md
Hannah Duzan Elkton, Md
Matthew Egypt Elkton, Md
Carley Esterling Elkton, Md
Abanoub Fahim Matta Elkton, Md
Stefani Fitzgerald Elkton, Md
Simone Foye Elkton, Md
Mia Fraser Elkton, Md
Kendall Gitau Elkton, Md
Sebastian Gregory Elkton, Md
Danielle Guinn Elkton, Md
Brandon Gutierrez Elkton, Md
Coy Handy Elkton, Md
Sarah Harter Elkton, Md
Izabella Hatfield Elkton, Md
Jude Heath Elkton, Md
Ryan Hendrickson Elkton, Md
Madeline Holmes Elkton, Md
Nellie Hudson Elkton, Md
Skyy Jackson Elkton, Md
Nicole Johnston Elkton, Md
Jena Jones Elkton, Md
Ethan Kellum Elkton, Md
Kellie Kennedy Elkton, Md
Morgan Kennedy Elkton, Md
Taylor Kohlbus Elkton, Md
Ethan Lambeth Elkton, Md
Lily Kate Landis Elkton, Md
Molly Layton Elkton, Md
Jhaydin Ledford Elkton, Md
Zachary Lockard Elkton, Md
Makenzy Lowery Elkton, Md
Kyle MacAllister Elkton, Md
Anne Lea Makam Elkton, Md
Anastasia McCabe Elkton, Md
Kale McCoy Elkton, Md
Douglas Mcgonigle Elkton, Md
Zachery Meehan Elkton, Md
Laura Miranda Elkton, Md
Lexi Moeser Elkton, Md
Charlotte Moran Elkton, Md
Lizzie Mull Elkton, Md
Oreoluwa Onasanya Elkton, Md
Amanda Pepper Elkton, Md
Caitlynn Petty Elkton, Md
Mary Anna Podlesak Elkton, Md
Katie Preisch Elkton, Md
Benjamin Prest Elkton, Md
Samantha Preston Elkton, Md
Leeann Pugh Elkton, Md
Hayden Rash Elkton, Md
Jessica Rea Elkton, Md
Kyle Riesett Elkton, Md
Gabriella Rodriguez Elkton, Md
Jaely Rodriguez Elkton, Md
Danielle Rogers Elkton, Md
Brittany Salvatore Elkton, Md
Sophia Scena Elkton, Md
Christine Sharp Elkton, Md
Kailey Sheldon Elkton, Md
Cassidy Shelley Elkton, Md
Skylar Sheppard Elkton, Md
Hudson Situma Elkton, Md
Alivia Smith Elkton, Md
Sara Smith Elkton, Md
Samantha Snelling Elkton, Md
Jahzion Spellman Elkton, Md
Mike Squitieri Elkton, Md
William Taylor Elkton, Md
David Terry Elkton, Md
Alexander Van Luven Elkton, Md
Tara Vannoy Elkton, Md
Jordan Voros Elkton, Md
Matthew Wallace Elkton, Md
Nora Watkins Elkton, Md
Jaedyn Watson Elkton, Md
Joshua Webb Elkton, Md
Kathryn Weese Elkton, Md
Griffin Weinert Elkton, Md
Jy'mere Williams Elkton, Md
Samuel Williams Elkton, Md
Sydney Williams Elkton, Md
Emily Wilson Elkton, Md
Lacey Wilson Elkton, Md
Reid Wooten Elkton, Md
Julian York Elkton, Md
Katie Ritz Forest Hill, Md
James Allen Havre De Grace, Md
Jordan Tiller Havre De Grace, Md
Vanessa Faunce Holtwood, Pa
Abigail Graham Landenberg, Pa
Nicholas Welsh Lincoln University, Pa
Ryan Magargee Lincoln University, Pa
Kenneth Gobble Middletown, De
Stacia Washington New Castle, De
Ellie Neyman Newark, De
Andrew Toll Newark, De
Monica Aponte North East, Md
Estoria Bantner North East, Md
Ellia Barrett North East, Md
Brynn Barton North East, Md
Mary Birdsall-Hitchcock North East, Md
Riley Brady North East, Md
Amber Bremer North East, Md
Amy Brophy North East, Md
Richard Colbert North East, Md
Tracey Colbert North East, Md
Amy Collins North East, Md
Icaro De Meira Lins North East, Md
Emma Dillon North East, Md
Megan Dvorak North East, Md
Sophia Faison North East, Md
Cyan Fleming North East, Md
Amanda France North East, Md
Katherine France North East, Md
Hailey Galbraith North East, Md
Kidist Godebo North East, Md
Candace Gooch North East, Md
Candy Greenleaf North East, Md
Grace Hammen North East, Md
Emily Humphries North East, Md
Marie Johnson North East, Md
Jennifer Jones North East, Md
Ashleigh Kazor North East, Md
Julia Kilgore North East, Md
Michael Knorr North East, Md
Hannah Liddick North East, Md
Casey Magaw North East, Md
Madyson McCann North East, Md
Jocelyn Melvin North East, Md
Tammy Montgomery North East, Md
Phillip Mortenson North East, Md
Kevin Neal North East, Md
Beatrice Panceri North East, Md
Sharon Parris North East, Md
Robin Peters North East, Md
Sarah Peterson North East, Md
Amanda Satterfield North East, Md
Kassy Scott North East, Md
Skylar Stafford North East, Md
Jonathan Sten North East, Md
Rebecca Welsh North East, Md
Kathryn Werde North East, Md
Jemima William North East, Md
Jaylah Williams North East, Md
Carlee Baruka Nottingham, Pa
Itzel Ayllon-Tapia Oxford, Pa
Julia Davis Oxford, Pa
Vivian Kearney Oxford, Pa
Haylee Leonard Oxford, Pa
Martin Grawe Peach Bottom, Pa
Mitchell Allen Perryville, Md
Katlyn Bowen Perryville, Md
Mariana Ercole Perryville, Md
Anabelle Finegan Perryville, Md
Shamar Flemings Perryville, Md
Gabrielle Frazier Perryville, Md
Lilli Gonce Perryville, Md
Caleb Horn Perryville, Md
Shawn Huth Perryville, Md
Stephanie Levering Perryville, Md
Jeffrey McConaha Perryville, Md
Sydney Ray Perryville, Md
Hayden Seiverd-Devine Perryville, Md
Trevor Sexton Perryville, Md
Andruw Van Der Werff Perryville, Md
Amanda Wagner Perryville, Md
Wendy Ayres Port Deposit, Md
Jennifer Carter Port Deposit, Md
Mary Jo Fitz Port Deposit, Md
Matthew Goodnow Port Deposit, Md
Madison Gorsuch Port Deposit, Md
Taylor House Port Deposit, Md
Katherine Kertis Port Deposit, Md
Evan Lapointe Port Deposit, Md
Lauren Lapointe Port Deposit, Md
Ava Mcbride Port Deposit, Md
Dylan Nickle Port Deposit, Md
Jaimie Roe Port Deposit, Md
Ella Schwacke Port Deposit, Md
Jason Taylor Port Deposit, Md
Lucas Umbarger Port Deposit, Md
Kara Lane Quarryville, Pa
Joshua Alley   Rising Sun, Md
Alyssa Barr   Rising Sun, Md
Jacob Chapman   Rising Sun, Md
Isaac Coard   Rising Sun, Md
Kailee Dobrowolski   Rising Sun, Md
Ivan Falko   Rising Sun, Md
Lauren Gilbert   Rising Sun, Md
Dawn Hamilton   Rising Sun, Md
Kalyn Hayden   Rising Sun, Md
Nate Hornberger   Rising Sun, Md
Heather Horst   Rising Sun, Md
Jane Huegel   Rising Sun, Md
Rebecca Huegel   Rising Sun, Md
John Kilby   Rising Sun, Md
Shane Lahti   Rising Sun, Md
Andrea Lee   Rising Sun, Md
Anthony Lepold   Rising Sun, Md
Kenadie Lyon-Messick   Rising Sun, Md
Kim McCaw   Rising Sun, Md
Katherine McKinney   Rising Sun, Md
Drew Miller   Rising Sun, Md
Madeline Moore   Rising Sun, Md
Hannah Pierce   Rising Sun, Md
Caylin Poteet   Rising Sun, Md
Chase Reese   Rising Sun, Md
Matthew Renzo   Rising Sun, Md
Brianna Savage   Rising Sun, Md
Evan Slaybaugh   Rising Sun, Md
Stephen Styer   Rising Sun, Md
Raymond Vo   Rising Sun, Md
Madeline Warnick   Rising Sun, Md
Elizabeth Baumeister Street, Md
Alexandra Rudolph Street, Md
Harper Doyle Townsend, De
Jacob Snavely Wilmington, De
Kev Tapia Rodríguez Wilmington, De


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