Small Business Spotlight: Twisted Roots Rare And Common Plants


HAVRE DE GRACE - Amid the racks of clothes and household products in Joseph’s Department store sits a new section: rare plants. Twisted Roots Rare and Common Plants started last October at pop-up shops across Harford County, where it quickly gained traction. Owner and operator Savannah Bailey is excited by her success.

“it's been a whirlwind" she said "we started selling on Facebook Marketplace and then created the group page, and now we have almost 4,000 followers.”

Twisted Roots started small, selling from a stand in her mom’s front yard on Washington street before graduating to a larger stand at Stone View Farm near Darlington. During the pandemic, Twisted Roots moved to selling primarily through Facebook Marketplace, where her business took off. According to Bailey, this week alone they will be shipping over 140 plants.

Twisted Roots sells a large variety of plants from philodendrons to rare variegated monstera albows, and if it's not already in stock they will source the plant from a variety of wholesalers. They have shipped to as far away as Minnesota, in negative five degree weather. According to Bailey they have used some unorthodox methods to ensure the survival of the plants.  

“We've used the inside of pillows, heat packs and we insulated the boxes, so they all have arrived in amazing condition" she said.

 For Bailey, this attention to detail is part of her brand.

“we take the time, we don't just throw them in a box and just hope for the best” she said. 

Twisted Roots has received requests from more than just the United States: people have reached out from Puerto Rico, Australia and Italy hoping to buy plants. Unfortunately, due to customs restrictions, Twisted Roots has not yet been able to ship internationally but the enthusiasm for her business isn't lost on Bailey.

“It just blows my mind that some little shop in Havre de Grace can get a lot of traction from all of those areas,” she said.

Bailey grew up in Havre de Grace and attended Havre de Grace High School, she says the community has been immensely supportive of her business.

“it makes us feel like we're supposed to be here right now, and growing up here, I was like, I really want to set up a place in Havre de Grace and go back to my roots.” She said.

Plants have always been a huge part of her life “even before we started the page, our house would be full of plants.” Bailey stores more than 400 plants in her 300-square-foot tiny home. She learned to care for and propagate plants from her mother and stepmother, who are also plant fanatics.

For Bailey, Twisted Roots is about more than the plants and profit, it's about creating and supporting a community.

“I think a lot of people come to the page for the plants and then they stay for the community it gives them” she said.

Eventually, Bailey hopes to expand their operation and open their own shop in Havre de Grace. According to her partner, Nicholas Chagnon, they hope it will be “Another Longwood Gardens, but even cooler.”

You can visit Twisted Roots on Facebook here

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