Superintendent Dr. Tomback Leaving Harford Schools

Dr. Robert Tomback is leaving Harford County Public Schools "at the close of this school year," citing a decision to "pursue other opportunities."

Dr. Robert Tomback is leaving his post as superintendent of Harford County Public Schools at the end of the current school year.

The following is a letter issued Monday to school employees, a copy of which was supplied to Patch:

Dear Colleagues,

I write to you today to express my appreciation for your extraordinary work on behalf of our students, their families, and our community.  Through our collective efforts, the Harford County Public Schools is a high performing school district—both by state and national measures. More of our students are performing at higher levels of achievement than ever before, and the school system’s trajectory continues in an upward direction.  Despite a very lean central office and operations staff, support to schools is provided in order to maximize student achievement as we focus our resources on the classroom.

The Harford County Public School system is well positioned to face the myriad challenges presented by our funding, the transition to Common Core State Standards, the implementation of a new teacher and principal evaluation system, and more. The core of our school system is solid; we are poised to meet the many challenges that lie ahead. 

The favorable conditions that prevail in the Harford County Public Schools, coupled with the bright future that lies ahead, make this an opportune time for the next superintendent to be selected to lead this school system. At the close of this school year I will go forward to pursue other opportunities. It is with enormous gratitude that I thank you for the opportunity to work with you and for the students of Harford County.


Rob Tomback

Robert M. Tomback, Ph.D.

A statement from Harford County Public Schools was to be issued Monday afternoon, according to a school system spokesperson.

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Happy Days Are Coming February 06, 2013 at 02:10 AM
This is such great news, and, The Axman is going with him. Now if only certain administrators could tag along out of here.
Otto Schmidlap February 06, 2013 at 02:48 AM
According to Las Vegas oddsmaker, Vito Buontempo, the over/under time period for teachers to start whining, complaining and moaning about the next superintendent is 15 seconds. (I'm taking the under.)
HDG Reader February 06, 2013 at 01:34 PM
It may not have been his choice to leave. When you have an unpopular superintendent that wasn't well received by HCPS staff AND parents, who frequently complained to the school board, they may have decided his time was up. The big John Archer fiasco of last year certainly didn't help things either. Hopefully the next superintendent will be more open, flexible and approachable.
Jackie "O" February 06, 2013 at 08:35 PM
First, let me say that as a minority in HC, this superintendent did far more in regards to support to minority children and their communities; something HC was and still is lacking overall, especially in the school system. HC is such a good 'ole boy network, where we tend to agree with those that don't stir the pot, that go along with the processes and procedures that have been in existence for years and seem to help only "some" of the people. We needed someone from the outside to come in and change things up and that's what Dr. Tomback did. He made the board uncomfortable. He made people comfortable, because no one likes change. Change is difficult, it requires a change in mindset, a change in our feelings, a change in the way we do business, and those things make it hard, but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. When Dr. Tomback leaves, we will be losing someone that didn’t think like historic HC, that brought to the system a new set of diverse perspectives and ideas that would strengthen and encourage our children to be more STEM competent and competitive in school and college. We needed someone that was forward thinking and progressive and we will be losing that in Dr. Tomback.
carroll reid jr. February 11, 2013 at 04:24 AM
dr.tomback is an outstanding administraror. i workede closely with him in balto.co, he always puts the needs of the children first. it was a great loss when he left balto.co. to go to harford co. now you will realize that he is always thinking of your childrens future and change is not easy. dr tomback is a forward thinler and tried to make nessary changes hard as they might have been they needed done.


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