2 New Schools in HdG Move Closer to Reality

The state has recommended funding for planning to replace HHS and Havre de Grace Middle School.

Havre de Grace High School is on its way to being combined on a campus with Havre de Grace Middle School.
Havre de Grace High School is on its way to being combined on a campus with Havre de Grace Middle School.
Harford County Public Schools announced Tuesday that the project to replace Havre de Grace High School and Havre de Grace Middle School has gained traction.

The Interagency on School Construction, which administers the state's budget for school construction projects, recommended funding for planning the project, school officials said.

To plan the combined Havre de Grace high and middle school, Harford County asked the state for $51,849, according to Interagency on School Construction documents.

Superintendent Barbara Canavan and her administration thanked parents, community members, the county executive and his staff, the Havre de Grace mayor and staff, Harford County Delegation, Harford County Council, Harford County Public Schools and the Board of Education for making it possible for to justify the need for the Havre de Grace project.

Advocates have been working to replace Havre de Grace High School since at least 2011, citing security and administrative challenges due to its configuration on Congress Avenue.

In addition to planning money for Havre de Grace, the Interagency on School Construction recommended approval for these initiatives: HVAC projects in Darlington Elementary, Dublin Elementary and Fallston High School; and phase one construction funding for the Youth's Benefit Elementary School replacement project.

In all, Harford County is poised to receive $12,986,000 in state funding for these projects, according to a statement from Harford County Public Schools.

"I am grateful to the [Interagency on School Construction] for recognizing that these projects are integral to advancing individual student achievement and the critical role our community plays in educating our children," Canavan said.

The state's Board of Public Works must sign off on the interagency's recommendations, which will happen in the spring.

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Beth May 14, 2014 at 02:56 PM
By combining two different educational levels onto one property, it reduces the amount of property taxes. I am sure this is one aspect that many may not now about. It is also saving on the amount of administrators needed to run the school. But it really is about the students and what is best for THEM. As an educator I feel that bringing such a wide age group in the same building could create harrassment and bullying issues. I certainly would not want to see a kindergarten student in a middle school environment. I believe that moving into another building to continue the grade school process was a step towards adulthood, a "right of passage."


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