State Provides Funding for HdG Middle/High School Project

The funds will go toward planning a joint campus.

Maryland lawmakers have reportedly allocated funding in the state budget to set plans in motion for two new schools in Havre de Grace.

"It's done!" County Councilwoman Mary Ann Lisanti reported Wednesday afternoon. "Board of Public Works gives state planning approval to Havre de Grace HS/MS."

In the past year, Harford County Public Schools put together a proposal to design a campus that would combine Havre de Grace High School and Havre de Grace Middle School.

First, the proposal cleared the Interagency on School Construction, a state agency that filters projects before they get to the Board of Public Works, which administers school construction funding. On Wednesday, Lisanti said the board gave the project the green-light for planning funds.

Planning is among the first steps in the process of building a new school, preceding construction and usually including public input.


mdmcallister May 15, 2014 at 08:44 AM
Many a middle-schooler is going to get bullied . . .
g37hotshot May 15, 2014 at 10:37 AM
I agree that these age groups should be kept separated. Their maturity and social levels are just too different. I briefly went to a middle school that had a large parking lot with the high school on one side and the middle on the other. Dismissals were about 15 minutes apart. The buses would pick up the middle school kids first and then pull around to pick up the high schoolers so that extra bus services weren't needed. A lot of resources (including sports fields) could be shared that way as well; just connect the two by a long hallway with a teacher access door only. Just a thought!
James P. Miller May 15, 2014 at 02:40 PM
This is a great plan and location. One of the reasons given for justifying a new school is because it's unsafe for the children to walk across Juniata Street from the east side to the Athletic fields. With the new school site the kids will cross Juniata Street from from the west side to the east side. Makes perfect sense. The new school will be built closer to the high speed rail line. Did they take this into account or even mention the amount of freight and the hazardous material that travels the rails on a daily basis. The biggest crime against the citizens of Harford County is the complete destruction of the two current high school buildings and the middle school building once the new combination building is built. There is no justifiable reason to tear these building down. The current gym and auditorium should be preserved and turned over to Park and Recreation for their programs. The high school building with the library wing could be used to bring back all the county services that were taken out of Havre de Grace. The current middle school could be renovated and used to replace the aging elementary schools. Harford county schools already owns 54 acres on Chapel Road this property is large enough for a new combined school and as the parents say, Busing children is safer then walking. Let's look at the bigger picture and stop wasting out tax dollars.
wileyb.1 May 16, 2014 at 02:40 PM
Absolutely. Everyone is fighting to see what they can get rather than what they need, and it will end up unnecessarily costing the taxpayers more. Another hdg argument is how good schools increase home values, but when there is regional imbalance, it actually does the opposite. The promise of the ‘best’ school system temporarily overinflates home values, and often leads to financial crises. The phenomenon is described very well by MA Sen. E. Warren in THE TWO INCOME TRAP: WHY MIDDLE-CLASS MOTHERS AND FATHERS ARE GOING BROKE. It is also disturbing how the students complain about water leaks and how the school ‘smells.’ Is this being addressed, or do they want the complaints to continue until they get a whole new building? Have the structures been evaluated for mold? Mold not only causes and worsens respiratory problems, it can kill you. Responsible leaders make decisions based on what’s best for everyone, not on petty childish competitiveness.


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