Soccer Q&A: Farhan Bachu

Patch catches up with Havre de Grace Warriors senior Farhan Bachu.

Havre de Grace senior Farhan Bachu is one of the generals on the field for the Warriors.

The talented, feisty midfielder can dominate the middle of the pitch for coach Sean Smith's team.

Havre de Grace has its sights set on another run to the state tournament this year. The senior captain will play a key role.

Bachu and the Warriors visit Harford Christian Friday.

Patch caught up with Farhan recently:

PATCH: How much did last year change the mindset here?
Bachu: We went into last year with the same mindset. We wanted to win states. We knew we had a state-caliber team last year. We only lost two seniors. So, we gained some players, so we’re pretty confident heading into this year.

PATCH: Is there any game you’re looking forward to on this year’s schedule?
Bachu: I think our home games. All of them. We want to show our school it’s not just a football school. We see a whole bunch of people come out for football games. After last year, hopefully people will come out and support us.

PATCH: Who is the funniest guy on the team?
Bachu: I’m going to have to say Tyler Sylvester. He screws around a lot. But we love him. He adds the humor that we need. 

PATCH: What’s it like playing with he and his brother, Austin. What’s the dynamic like with twins on the team?
Bachu: It’s great. Most of the guys have grown up since we were four playing on the same teams. It definitely helps.

PATCH: What’s it like to play for this coaching staff?
Bachu: They’re all awesome. I can honestly say, of all the coaches I’ve had, camps and everything, these three are top-notch. We wouldn’t be here without them.

PATCH: What does it mean to represent Havre de Grace High School when you guys play?
Bachu: It’s our hometown. Mr. Hauf says it a lot. We have pride. We have pride in our hometown. It’s a small town, so everybody knows each other. We play for each other. We play for the town.

PATCH: Do you know anyone who opted out of attending Havre de Grace because of the school, to attend a magnet school?
Bachu: One friend in particular—I’m not going to call him out—he went to the science and math acadmeny and hated it and came back here in 10th grade. They’re all big schools, and it comes down to this being a small school and a small community.

PATCH: What do you hear from students from other schools when they come to Havre de Grace?
Bachu: They go inside our school and say, 'What is this?' We go there, and I think we have the best field in the county. Everybody wants to come here to play.

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Hollee Sifford September 27, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Farhan is definitely a leader on and off the field GREAT WARRIOR all the way around:)


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