School Community Says Computers, Books Fall Short

New technology and equipment would come with a new Havre de Grace High School.

travels to schools all around Maryland.

In Harford County, he says educational opportunity is tilted.

"We're not on a level playing field," Hauf said.

The  teacher and band director—who has four boys who will attend area schools—added: "The Harford County magnet schools are taking some of our brightest and best students and what are we to do? Our future leaders are leaving Havre de Grace High School for greener pastures."

It was a common concern amongst parents and faculty members at Monday's .

"These are schools with multiple computer labs, more than I can count. Teachers with laptops, wifi access, and the latest resources. We have one computer lab and it is not even enough to hold more than 30 computers. We don't have laptops. We don't even have wifi," Hauf said.

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JoAnn Hayes, who has had three sons graduate from the school, agreed on the lack of technology that students are offered.

"Our students deserve the same education as other schools in Harford County and the support here proves that," Hayes said before the standing room-only crowd before the . 

Havre de Grace High School Student Government President Jillian Larrimore told a story of hand-me-down text books and equipment—that "the resources are ancient."

"Our weight room equipment was given to us from another school when they got new equipment. But where did they get it from? An old fitness center," Larrimore said. "With a new school comes new resources, which is where kids would benefit."

Larrimore told Board of Education members that poor resources and lack of technology "affect the student's motivation and pride."

PTA President Deanna Smith said 30 years of inactivity is long enough—that a new Havre de Grace High School should be a priority on Octobers budget.

"It's our turn," Smith said.

The proposed will be voted on at the Board of Education meeting beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 24.

Hollee Sifford August 23, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Well i have to agree with all these comments and insights but it is sad that the will and drive is there thru the students and the teachers and the very people who COULD make things better WONT....The recent budget cuts have all but frozen the teachers abililties to get better books and teaching resources....The Teachers WANT TO TEACH...TheStudents WANT TO LEARN...Get with the program HCPS and dont just sit there..............ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clinton Polk August 23, 2012 at 02:29 PM
It's sad that when I graduated in 2009 I was using books in the schools that some of my family used back in the 90s.
Smiles from Heaven August 23, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Although I do believe that newer technology is important...I am more concerned about the unsafe environment due to the HVAC system at HHS. There were more than a handful of days in the past two years where the the students were forced to learn in extreme temperature. I actually picked up one of my children on a day that the AC was not working and he began feeling nauseous from the extreme heat, by the way, this was also a day where the local government issued a Code Red Heat Index Warning. Not only does this lead too a poor learning environment, but more seriously, a health hazard.
Carol August 24, 2012 at 12:23 PM
Although my children won't have the opportunity to benefit from a new school (sadly they will have already graduated), I have to agree with all the comments with regarding to the reasons we need a new school. I also believe making it a magnet school for music is an excellent idea. Rick and Dave do an excellent job at keeping the music department at the top of its game! I also stand behind the need to bring more up to date technology to the school. Harford county is striving to be a technology hub, but are leaving some very bright kids behind because they aren't able to utilize technology (more classes as well) at the high school level. Our kids deserve better!!!


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