Soccer Q&A: Helen Boniface

Patch catches up with Havre de Grace Warriors senior Helen Boniface.

 senior, Helen Boniface, who had an impressive season last year with the Warriors girls soccer team, is eager to show the other schools how much they have improved.

Boniface and the Warriors visit Thursday.

Patch caught up with Helen recently:

PATCH: How is the team looking so far?
Well compared to my other years in high school we are doing a lot better. Usually we'll be practicing and we will say how we are doing better this year, but this time we actually played some teams and have shown them what we're capable of.

PATCH: The team went winless in previous years and won once last year. How did that win change things?
Boniface: Well, it definitely showed us that we can do it. I think the year before we really didn't think we could win. We did what we had to do and I think after we won, it showed we had to work harder. Now we know and we can finally pull it together.

PATCH: What's one game on the schedule you're looking forward too?
Boniface: Aberdeen. We beat them during our play day and we heard them say how they played bad and we want to play the they are always good competition.

PATCH: Who are your funniest teammates?
Boniface: I think my best friend Brianna Haffey is pretty funny because I sometimes take things too seriously and she snaps me out of it.

PATCH: What's the funniest thing you have ever seen on the soccer field?
Well during my sophomore year when Phil Powell was coach, he told Brianna Haffey that if she got a goal she could do a front handspring. We were all thinking she was not going to get a goal that game but she did, so afterwards she ended up doing a front handspring. 

PATCH: What's it like playing for Coach Cypher?
Boniface: Sometimes we butt heads but he always has good advice and definitely made me a better player and is always bringing the team up.

PATCH: What does it mean to you to play for Havre de Grace High School?
Boniface: I think its definitely progress and helping the school. We are a quiet school and not really publicized. Our goal is to get our name out there.

PATCH: Do we need a new high school at Havre de Grace High Soccer?
Boniface: Yes, definitely.

PATCH: What's the most embarrassing thing about Havre de Grace as a school?
Boniface: Oh gosh. I think it might be the building when you walk in. I'm proud of my school and a lot of other kids are, but its not something to be proud of when other kids from other schools see it.

PATCH: What's the one thing you see in other schools that you would like to have at Havre de Grace High School?
Well, schools like have flat screen televisions in every room and a set of computers for a lot of the classrooms. I think we just need better technology. I think that definitely helps kids. Better technology would keep kids attention when they are slacking off.

PATCH: What is currently on your iPod?
That's a hard one. Everything, but Taylor Swift is a definite. 

PATCH:  Favorite restaurant in Havre de Grace?
Boniface: .

For the Warriors full season schedule please click . All home games are played at .

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Lilliana Braase September 13, 2012 at 04:21 PM
Such a beautiful young lady! So proud of her.
Phil Powell September 13, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Helen is another fine example of how great the students are at Havre de Grace High School. Great job Helen!!
Hollee Sifford September 14, 2012 at 03:31 AM
AHHHH BRIELEN...LOL...Miss hollee lubs u:)


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