'Most Challenging Budget of My Administration': HdG Mayor Presents Budget Proposal

A hiring freeze will be in effect, according to the mayor's budget proposal.

Mayor Wayne Dougherty at a 2013 council meeting. (Credit: Elizabeth Janney)
Mayor Wayne Dougherty at a 2013 council meeting. (Credit: Elizabeth Janney)
Times are tough due to a slowdown in development, according to Havre de Grace Mayor Wayne Dougherty, who said that his most recent budget proposal is a reflection of that.

"Fiscal 2015 represents, by far, the most challenging budget of my administration," Dougherty wrote in his introduction to the budget. He has been mayor since 2007.

"Continued lagging commercial and residential development has created an economic environment where I am forced to defer many needed capital replacements, cut operational spending where practical and raise service fees for enterprise activities," Dougherty wrote.

Here are some highlights:
  • Spending is proposed to be $15.4 million, a decrease of $835,000.
  • A hiring freeze will be in effect for fiscal year 2015.
  • A 20 percent increase in water and sewer rate is proposed.
  • Top three expenditures: $5.1 million is allocated for public safety, $3.4 million is for public works, $1.4 million is for the administration and $1.7 million is for capital equipment.
See the proposed 2015 budget.

There will be two public work sessions on the budget. Get details here.
Deborah March 31, 2014 at 08:12 AM
Let's cut administration more and throw out another increase in water/sewer. We are already paying too much.
wileyb.1 March 31, 2014 at 01:31 PM
Didn’t they just hire a new employee (full-time?) in the finance department specifically to deal with water billing concerns? Was this a new position or a replacement? That will be next year’s story—the anticipated 5% increase plus another 7% for the added staffing needed to deal with all the complaints and increase in delinquent accounts. They just keep digging themselves deeper. And “times are tough due to a slowdown in development???” Take home lesson: DON’T SPEND WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE. You should know better.


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