Harford County Receives More Than $450K for Pothole Repairs

The state granted funding for Harford to repair its 1,051 miles of road after the harsh winter.

Gov. Martin O’Malley announced this week that all Maryland jurisdictions applied for funds to fix potholes and repair roadways damaged by this year’s brutal winter weather. From Maryland’s Transportation Trust Fund, the state allocated $10 million total for the repairs, O'Malley said.

State funds will be distributed over the next few weeks, split among the 24 jurisdictions as follows, based on the number of roadway miles maintained by each local government:

  • Baltimore County—$1,150.721 for 2,672.37 miles of road maintained
  • Montgomery County—$992,145 for 2,304.1 miles of road maintained
  • Baltimore City—$818,461 for 1,901 miles of road maintained
  • Prince George's County—$784,809 for 1,822.595 miles of road maintained
  • Anne Arundel County—$760,635 for 1,766.456 miles of roads maintained
  • Frederick County—$554,274 for 1,287.215 miles of road maintained
  • Harford County—$452,769 for 1,051.486 miles of road maintained
  • Howard County—434,915 for 1,010.023 miles of road maintained
  • Carroll County—$421,893 for 979,780 miles of road maintained
  • Washington County—$360,681 for 837.624 miles of road maintained

See the complete list of all 24 jurisdictions and their allocations here.

Where are the worst potholes in Harford County? Tell us in the comments!

To participate in the one-time transportation grant program, county governments and Baltimore City had to apply for the funding by April 23 and agree to use their grants solely for repairs to local roads damaged by the recent winter weather, according to a statement from O'Malley.

C. David Copenhaver May 02, 2014 at 05:58 PM
Laurel Bush Road between Wheel Road and Hookers Mill Road needs to be completely resurfaced. The temporary repairs that were made are causing divers to swerve into on coming traffic to avoid hazardous areas!


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