Harford County Opens Tourism Desk off Interstate 95

Visit Harford! will be up and running by mid-summer, county officials said.

A tourism area was set aside in the redesign of Maryland House travel plaza. (Credit: Elizabeth Janney)
A tourism area was set aside in the redesign of Maryland House travel plaza. (Credit: Elizabeth Janney)

A new initiative aims to turn motorists passing through Harford County into visitors. Harford County officials announced the launch of the "Visit Harford!" desk Thursday at the Maryland House travel plaza off Interstate 95.

"We have the busiest travel plaza in the country in our own backyard," Harford County Director of Economic Development Jim Richardson said.

To county officials, the 200,000 monthly visitors to Maryland House—situated near Aberdeen—was an opportunity to generate interest in the community and its attractions.

An area of the Maryland House was set aside for a possible tourism center when it reopened in January after renovations.

With volunteers staffing the center and information available about local businesses, the goal is to connect visitors with area attractions.

"We are excited about promoting Harford County’s wonderful treasures to an expanded audience!" Harford County Tourism Manager Wini Roche said. 

Roche said the information desk will be set up by mid summer, after a team of volunteers has been recruited and trained, according to a statement from Harford County.

Anyone interested in being volunteer ambassadors at Visit Harford! may contact the Office of Tourism at 410- 638-3059.

Bel Air fan May 30, 2014 at 02:15 PM
I was sorry to have seen the visitor's center at Harford's Travel Plaza taken down and replaced. The original building was more in keeping with the historical area that surrounds it. Now we have a cold, concrete and glass structure that will become outdated in another few years. Was it really necessary? How do the figures add up? Renovation or replacement? Are we filling the pockets of architects?
brs(jackflanders) May 31, 2014 at 12:42 PM
I am disappointed in the design of the new "Maryland house " also. There is no sense of (respite) from the rigors of driving I 95. Cold, cavernous, creating no sense of of individuality, as the main thrust of the building seems to suggest "stuff your face" and get out. Nasty Mess hall atmosphere. The huge bathroom facilities must have sixty or more hand dryers with thirty or more screaming at you at any given time. LOUD. No rest at the "rest area." I will explore the grounds outside to see if ANY sanctuary is available for the weary traveler and report back. I only hope the Chesapeake House reaches a higher standard. If not, I will hold my bladder for the calming effect of a tree.


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