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Urgent need for Host Families for Spanish Exchange Students

Hello everyone! I am looking for host families for a group of students arriving from Spain. I still have a couple of kids needing to be placed - if you know anyone who might be interested or would like more information, please contact me. This is an awesome opportunity!  I am making another last minute desperate plea - there are still a couple Spanish students, boys & girls, that need a host family. Please, if you can find it in your heart to host one of these kids, contact me. If they don't have a home to place them, the kids will be contacted and told they will not be able to come.

17 Students from Spain Need Homes in July.

Can You Help?

A group of 17 students from Spain are arriving in the Northern Harford community on June 26 for a 4 week stay. The students will be busy with classes, recreational and cultural activities during the week. Host family members are invited to participate in any activities that they would like. Host families come in all shapes and sizes, including: families with small children, young couples, single parents, retirees, two working adult families, etc. A host family needs only to provide a place for the student to sleep (sharing a room is okay), meals and a warm, supportive environment.

The program is being coordinated by George Mullin. Can you host all or part of the time? For more information, please call George at 410-808-7924.

The program is being sponsored by Global Friendships whose mission is to bring the people of the world together to create peace & understanding.

With kind regards,
George Mullin


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