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John Harbaugh: 'Congratulations To Our Fans'

Despite playing in New England, fans came in big numbers to watch Ravens earn the franchise's second Super Bowl trip. The head coach and players noticed.

John Harbaugh smiled plenty throughout Monday's news conference. Considering his team is headed to the Super Bowl a week from Sunday, that's no surprise.

But the Ravens coach really beamed when the conversation turned to Baltimore's fans. 

Harbaugh and his team were both delighted at the large number of Baltimore fans that went up to New England and watched the Ravens beat the Patriots, 28-13, in last Sunday's AFC title game. 

"We might have had one-eighth of the crowd, which is really a high number for a visiting AFC Championship game. That speaks so much about our fans," Harbaugh said when talking to the media Monday in Owings Mills. "For all of those people to make that trip up there at this time of year to support their Ravens is just—it’s not surprising, because we saw it out in Denver, we have seen it in San Diego. We have seen it everywhere. But, it’s pretty impressive."

Harbaugh said being able to see how many Raven fans showed up really gave people associated with the team a lift, something that's helpful in a championship game. 

"You could see them in pregame. They were ringing the whole stadium in pregame when we came out," he said. "You saw the black and purple jerseys."

Harbaugh also said the Ravens could see that support when they took command in the final minutes.

The Ravens scored the game's final 21 points and forced three second-half turnovers that gave them command and a berth in the Super Bowl.

"At the end of the game, it was stacked up 50 feet or so. It was many rows up that the Ravens fans [were] and they were doing the chant as you said, the Ravens chant," Harbaugh said. "All the way around to the side of the tunnel and everything like that, there were a lot more Ravens fans there at that time than ... Patriots fans. That’s pretty cool. That’s something that really speaks about our people. Congratulations to our fans.”

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Frank in Elkridge January 25, 2013 at 07:55 PM
That's all? Wonder if the prices will go up or down between now and Feb. 3?
Frank in Elkridge January 25, 2013 at 07:58 PM
Does anyone know exactly how the tickets get distributed since so few are actually made available to the season ticket holders?
FIFA January 25, 2013 at 08:02 PM
Apparently the system is set up to stick it to the regular fan. All teams and advertisers get allocated tickets to reward their high dollar supporters. Then magically the tickets show up with the brokers and hotels. High dollar supporter makes money, blue collar Joe takes one for their team. Obscene.
Frank in Elkridge January 25, 2013 at 08:36 PM
"High dollar supporters" expect something for the money. That's not necessarily unfair. The NFL is a business after all. It might be "more fair" if season ticket holders had more opportunities to buy tickets, perhaps using tiered pricing. The PSL owners are "high dollar supporters" too, relative to the non-owners, and that's why they get first crack at tickets. I was just wondering what exactly the distribution system is so that everyone has a realistic idea of what their chances of getting a Super Bowl ticket are. I actually know of someone who got tickets because he works at Under Armor, for example.
FIFA January 25, 2013 at 08:46 PM
I am a PSL owner. The regular fan is the 80% (my guess) of regular Joe's that go to games and pay for that $8 beer. That pay for the replica jerseys and all of the other stuff they buy. That watch TV where the "real" revenue is earned by the NFL and they are treated like common every day trash forced to buy tickets with a $650 face value for over $2,000 so that brokers, hotels, and airlines (yes SWA that's you) can stick it to them. Something is terribly wrong and we the regular "Joes" continue to take it.


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