Glenn: Support The Movement For A New High School

Havre de Grace City Councilman David Glenn is urging residents to support the movement for a new Havre de Grace High School.

From Havre de Grace City Councilman David Glenn:
[Dr. Robert] Tomback, Harford County Public Schools Superintendent recently informed David Craig, Harford County Executive that the will be holding a public hearing on Monday, August 20 from 6 to 8 p.m. at A.A. Roberty Building, 102 South Hickory Avenue, Bel Air. This is our opportunity to address the need for a new Havre de Grace High School for our community.

So why a new high school at ? For one, we have the oldest standing high school in the county. More importantly, we have security concerns and facility infrastructure challenges. We cannot afford to run the risk of a security break-down that has been experienced throughout the country. In addition, just recently one of the classrooms experienced flooding. We have stood by to watch significant upgrades to North Harford, Bel Air, Edgewood and Aberdeen. We stood by and watch the construction of a new school at Patterson Mill. Again, we have waited patiently never once complaining. In addition, we do not have a magnet program at . If our children want to participate in a magnet program, they have to relocate to another school elsewhere within Harford County. One has to ask the question why? Is it because that the current school structure at Havre de Grace will not accommodate growth and expansion to support such a program? Performing Arts would be a great program to pursue at Havre de Grace. We have exceptional band and chorus instructors, a viable drama guild program through Parks and Recreation and the Tidewater Players. A performing arts program would provide children an opportunity to pursue their lifelong dreams. Also keep in mind that upgrades to high schools is deemed absolutely critical if we expect our graduates to be able to meet the technological challenges of the future.

We need your support and request your attendance at this public hearing.  Years ago when was in dire need of renovations, it wasn’t until we as a community came out in big numbers (approximately 150 were in attendance) that our voice was finally heard.  Therefore, we once again need residents to attend this very important public hearing. It is not important for everyone to speak. We just want to show the Superintendent and the Board of Education that the need for a new school is critical in the eyes of the Havre de Grace community. Strength in numbers will send a strong message that it is on our radar screen and therefore, needs to be on their radar screen. Again, a huge turn-out will help to do just that. It will also give us the opportunity to stress that we want our kids to have the same opportunity for educational success as other schools throughout the county.

I request your attendance at the August 20 public hearing. Again, this is our primary opportunity to have our voices heard. Pass the word because again, we need strength in numbers. Look forward to seeing you on August 20.

David Glenn
Havre de Grace

James P. Miller August 15, 2012 at 03:59 PM
Building a New School Building on an Old Foundation (current curriculum offer by the HCPS) will not solve any problems with the education system in the county. Magnet programs just move students. The magnet programs need to come to all the schools equally. Distance learning and technology is the better choice. One teacher speaking to many classrooms is better than many students traveling around the county to attend schools that are far away from their residences. Magnet programs take the brightest students out of the local schools resulting in lower test scores for the parent school. Lower test scores for the school make parents move to locations with better schools causing property values to lower in the areas with poor performing schools.
WB August 15, 2012 at 04:33 PM
First of all I think your all silly, as your tax dollars in Havre De Grace doesn't go to education, did you all know that, Well how come in even in the small town where my wife grew up they have one room universities, Oh is it because your all to lazy to contact them they will come to do it in your area, oh it costs nothing to do this, WOW are you behind the times or what HDG, I think all of you need to get up off your tush and do things, If you don't know how to get things done there are citzens in your area know how to get this done, As the one in my wifes small town that she grew up in, WOW, so behind the scenes she helps other areas. Maybe she would in your area.
Andrew August 15, 2012 at 09:07 PM
I think its more evident that her charity is required at home......
WB August 16, 2012 at 02:58 PM
My wife has continued to ask if they need help even to volunteer in HDG you have to give them a resume, Did you know that? Well she has supported your town on many ways. Helps anyone that asks her to do so, But your fair city has turned her down many times on items of need. It is sad that children & seniors alike are the ones who are suffering.It is evident that the need in HDG is here but they really don't like outsiders to even offer suggestions. Only if it is to help support that of nothing of importance or to that of real needs.
Trish Gordon McCown August 17, 2012 at 03:17 AM
I truly believe HDG like many other cities/communities in these times are struggling to make the best of a tight budget and lack of parental support. I applaud anyone who has the time and energy to volunteer. However, the schools must require documentation of each individual that has access to the children. I would expect them to ask for a resume and a complete background check. Even for a volunteer. Technology is good, but as we all know it does not guarantee higher test scores and/or significantly improve basic comprehension skills. Nothing beats sitting down with a book and learning basic math (without a calculator!) The students are still struggling with all of the technologies. The problem is that we create many programs for the exceptional students and develop resources for the special needs students. All of which are needed and are valuable. So what happens to the children in the middle? We need more alternatives for them to keep them engaged in the educational process and develop their career path. Students should start developing their career paths in 6th grade, by the time they get to high school they should have an idea of what classes they needs, what their interests/strengths are and I totally agree all schools should have access to vocational trainning. Let's not bash the system, but try to encourage them to help our students! It's what we have to work with. Bottom line we need a new high school and some NEW weight room equipment wouldn't hurt either!


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