VIDEO: Funny Things That Seagulls Do

A seagull stole a woman's camera and shot a San Francisco sunset recently. What's the funniest encounter—near home or at the ocean—that you've had with a seagull?


They've been called the pidgeons of the beach.

They've probably made an otherwise pleasant walk evening on the waterfront a stressful one—buzzing about while you walk or threatening your picnic in .

But have they ever stolen something from you?

A tourist in San Francisco posted the video here on YouTube after a bird nabbed her GoPro camera, flew over the water and left it—not so gently—to rest a few hundred feet away.

It made for a really cool video.

But it also opens a fun conversation for those of us in a waterfront city like Havre de Grace.

TELL US: What's the craziest encounter you've had with a seagull or other waterfowl in Havre de Grace? Leave a comment.


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