Havre de Grace Featured in 'America's 20 Best Small Towns' List

Smithsonian magazine compiled the rankings.

Tourism Manager Brigitte Peters mentioned Main Street and its shopping as a highlight of Havre de Grace.
Tourism Manager Brigitte Peters mentioned Main Street and its shopping as a highlight of Havre de Grace.
Havre de Grace is known to many locals as a treasure on the Chesapeake Bay. Now, the whole country will find out about the city, which made it onto the Smithsonian magazine's list of "America's 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2014."

Havre de Grace came in at number 12, with Chautauqua, NY, ranked first.

Towns with fewer than 15,000 people and the most cultural activities per capita made the cut, according to Smithsonian magazine, which said this was the third year it compiled such a list.

Among the highlights of Havre de Grace culture, the magazine mentioned the city's history, Promenade, Main Street shopping, North Park Trail and museums.

What makes HdG awesome to visit? Tell us in the comments!

America's 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2014, according to Smithsonian:
1. Chatauqua, NY
2. Healdsburg, CA
3. Williamsburg, VA
4. Steamboat Springs, CO
5. Woods Hole, MA
6. Marietta, OH
7. Beaufort, SC
8. Sedona, AZ
9. Nebraska City, NE
10. Lanesboro, MN
11. Spring Green, WI
12. Havre de Grace, MD
13. Columbia, PA 
14. Mount Dora, FL
15. Ketchum, ID
16. Montpelier, VT
17. Harrodsburg, KY
18. Silver City, NM
19. Decorah, IA
20. The Dalles, OR

alicia zamorano March 24, 2014 at 12:45 PM
The list says Best Small Town to Visit.....not that it is a great place to have a business.
James P. Miller March 24, 2014 at 06:50 PM
First off I think the article was poorly written and does not reflect the true nature of Havre de Grace. I grew up here and never heard anyone except visitors pronounce Have-ruh duh Grayce. The article doesn’t come close to describing the real charm that makes Havre de Grace what it is. Why mention a single coffee shop, when someone can go to many places and get a fresh cup. There is no mention of the boating; fishing, antiquing or the many wedding venues that can be found here. Does anyone know that the Lantern Queen is the only business that is required to collect entertainment taxes? None of the other places that offer live music have to pay. Of course taxes are high. How else are we supposed to pay for all the new employees that have been hired during the last eight year reign? The downtown businesses don’t pay any more taxes than the residents do. If you check assessments on Maryland SDAT you will see that most of the new houses in the developments pay more in taxes than the down town businesses. Water rates are high because the current and previous administrations spent the capital improvement funds. They spent the capital improvement fund to keep water rates artificially low, not keeping up with inflation or higher chemical costs. The standard answer is Bulle Rock and other developments didn’t build out. Their answer, raise the rates and people will gladly pay more. Never thinking the average person will conserve water to avoid paying the higher costs. If you wonder why there is so much vacant land in Havre de Grace, the answer is it cost too much money for the water and sewer hookup fees. Just wait until the new water authority takes over. There will be no reason or need to annex property into Havre de Grace. Havre de Grace will still get all the development with none of the taxes.
Harford County Native March 25, 2014 at 08:02 AM
@Carroll Fitzgerald sorry for the comments. My comments were uncalled for and yes you are running a successful business and thanks for the support of Havre de Grace. It is unfair that you are singled out for the entertainment tax as I believe there are many businesses in Havre de Grace that provide entertainment.


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