Pets: Justina, Queen & Bud Dunkin Need Homes

The Humane Society of Harford County recommends the pets of the week.

From the Humane Society of Harford County:

Dog of the Week: Bud Dunkin
Age: 5 years
Color: Brown
Breed: Coonhound Mix
Gender: Male
Adoption Fee: $160
Oh Bud, why the long face? Somewhere out there is the perfect family who will fall in love with handsome, lovable, adorable you. This big boy has a big heart, and true to his breed, Bud can be a talker, alerting you to strangers as well as rabbits and other wildlife passing through your yard. He gets along with other dogs and loves people. He’s sure to steal your heart! Plan a visit to the shelter and take Bud out for a walk to get to know him! 

Cat of the Week: Queen
: 2 years
Color: Orange & White
Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix
Gender: Female
Adoption Fee: $47.50 (reduced from $95)
Meet Queen, a regal young kitty who became a mother at the shelter. All her kittens have been adopted, but this beauty remains. Adult cats make wonderful companions and are no less as loving than their younger counterparts, but without all the naughty antics and habits that come along with being a kitten. All the good and none of the bad, we simply can't fathom why a pretty girl like Queen is still at the shelter! Ready to put her baby-making days behind her, Queen is ready to retire into the lap of luxury! If you're willing and able to accept a loving adult cat into your home, please consider Queen or any of her feline friends at the shelter. (P.S. Queen’s adoption fee is 50 percent off because she’s in the Lonely Hearts Club!)

Small Critter of the Week: Justina Bunny
: 4 years
Color: Brown & White
Breed: Rabbit
Gender: Female
Adoption Fee: $50
Do you have room in your life for sweet, soft, little ole me? Hi I’m Justina Bunny and I'm an adorable lop-eared bunny who’s brown and white sprinkled with a few black smudges on my back. I was surrendered by my owner because they didn’t have time for me. I’m very sweet and quite used to being handled by people. All I want is a new home where I can kick up my heels and spend the rest of my life loving you! Check me out in the Critter Cottage!

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