Sewage Overflow in Edgewood Didn't Impact Wildlife: APG

Aberdeen Proving Ground said the 1.8 million gallon overflow was diluted within a day.

File photo of signage at a site where wastewater spilled. (Credit: Bethel Patch)
File photo of signage at a site where wastewater spilled. (Credit: Bethel Patch)
The 1.8 million gallons of sewage that overflowed from Aberdeen Proving Ground's Edgewood area into local waterways have since been diluted, the proving ground reported Wednesday.

Due to the approximately 5.6 inches of rain that fell in a 24-hour period, sewage bypassed the wastewater treatment plant at the Edgewood area on May 1, according to a statement from Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG).

Samples from King's Creek and the Bush River taken May 2 showed that the overflow was "diluted and mostly rainwater," APG said in a May 14 statement.

"In addition to the samples that were tested, observations of both waterways
and areas of the bay to which the water flows [indicated] no adverse effects to
wildlife were observed," according to the statement.

APG said that it applied lime to the impacted area and posted signage warning people not to fish, crab, harvest shellfish or swim there.

According to the statement, APG will continue to monitor the area in the event that additional treatment is necessary.

George Helm May 15, 2014 at 10:25 AM
These spills have been going on for years and how many have not been reported? Seems at one time Gov. Ehrlich had the feds allocate 20 mil to upgrade the system but he got defeated by O'Malley and no more was heard. Since they happen every time we have hard weather we now are told no consequences. And while we are on the subject someone explain how Havre De Grace was allowed to rebuild their Marina with Creosoted poles that put petroleum distillates into the bay for months! Curious as I have asked these questions numerous times and everyone goes into radio silence. I even remember someone coming on the patch a couple of years ago saying he would be the one to address all the environmental questions but when I asked about these two issues the person disappeared and never a response came! I assumed the person had political ambitions and thought better about addressing the issues!


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