Minesweepers Wash Up by Perryville Pier, Hatem Bridge

Though the objects look like torpedoes, officials say the wartime relics are not dangerous.

This photo of the minesweeper in Perryville reportedly made it to the front page of Reddit. (Credit: colesmom via Reddit/imgur)
This photo of the minesweeper in Perryville reportedly made it to the front page of Reddit. (Credit: colesmom via Reddit/imgur)
Police gathered two unusual pieces of evidence this week from the Susquehanna River between Havre de Grace and Perryville, according to reports.

Officials said that a minesweeper turned up near the pier in Perryville this week due to heavy rains, ABC 2 News reported.

Soon after the object washed up in Perryville, someone posted a picture of it on Reddit in the "WTF" category, where users speculated that it was a septic tank, airplane fuel tank or something from the film Joe Dirt.

A spokesman for Aberdeen Proving Ground said that the object did not come from the military facility, according to the Cecil Whigwhich reported the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police helped identify the Oropesa minesweeping float used during the Cold War, which may have washed downstream when the Conowingo Dam gates were open recently.

According to ABC 2, the 12-foot-long minesweeper was made in 1955.

While "minesweeper" generally refers to a ship, the term also applies to objects used to assist in minesweeping operations.

The object found in Perryville was believed to have been used to conduct a "conventional mine sweep," which according to Gizmodo consists of pulling a wire in the water ahead of a ship to cut mooring lines on floating mines.

Though it resembles a torpedo, the minesweeping device is not dangerous, ABC 2 said.

After boaters reported finding the minesweeping float near Rodgers House on Tuesday, police were called for another minesweeper discovered near the base of the Hatem Bridge on Wednesday, according to The Whig.

The town of Perryville is reportedly considering donating the objects to the Bainbridge Museum in Port Deposit.


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